VCR Coffee & Cakes

Really like my new blog so I keep updating this blog hahaha I guess it is a good thing, no? Anyway, now I am at VCR Cafe, KL for mugging session for my French exam tomorrow and it was already full house even though their opening hour is at 10:30 AM?? Even the barista told us to look for a seat when we were still queuing, because they almost reaches full house already.

Saw this cat in front of the cafe, almost look like the cafe’s mascot already ah? Haha.

The King cake slice!! It is a banana cake with peanut butter frosting, and banana in between. So so damn good, it was melt in the mouth and the combination of PB and the banana made a bomb in your mouth! Priced at RM 13 per slice, tad too pricey but I did not regret every single penny spent on this cake. I think VCR itself claimed this cake is their best-seller product, so make sure to go grab a slice when you are here ya!

Zzzz I don’t know why the photos cast a greenish shadowy, prob because the cafe’s indoor light la or maybe it is just my cam booo. Anyway, we didn’t get to seat outdoor so can’t get much natural light huff.


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