Hellloooo! *sends virtual hugs*

I probably should write down what’s happening in my life, even though I’ve no readers and this blog serves as an online diary, so I thought it would still be apt if my blog fills with unnecessary blabbers and ramblings.

Hello June! Can’t believe it’s now June already, where did all the time go??

I was very swarmed with assignments and final projects of each mods. It’s our week 9 already and it means final exams are just around the corner (exams is on week 14 btw!) and I find myself so stressed out with the amount of works I have to do. Next week I got 2 assignments deadline coming, and I haven’t even started anything, horrible I know. And French individual projects also stressing me out zzz.

So far, I’ve done 3 projects from my mods and even though there are still another 5 subjects to be done, at least still better than nothing right? *wink*

This weekend gonna spend it to doing my first draft of business comm essay and my literature review of research. It was first step towards dissertation weeee can you believe it?

Mmm, I think that’s all. I will be back to update this blog with some of skin care reviews from my Hermo.my haul! I bought quite number of stuffs so not sure got time to take a pics, edit them and compile them into a post or not haha. I’ve tried some of them, and it works out pretty good to reduce my cystic acne! If you have no clue about cystic acne, it’s that pimple that you can’t seem to ”pop out” because it’s deep within a skin, and can’t find their way out because it doesn’t have any ”poppable” stuff to pop. You get what I mean? It’s damn annoying coz it popped out suddenly out of nowhere and been lingering on my skin for a month.

I’ve tried Laneige’s Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel to calm and soothe the redness (can you believe it shrinks the pimple? Prob coz it’s aloe vera), and anti-blemish cream from Artistry (this one really works wonder! reduce the acne overnight but you gotta apply it diligently anytime the pimple erupts)

I guess that’s it for now. Talk again some other time! 🙂

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