Updates on my life!

Helloooo!! Gosh, I feel so guilty for not blogging as much as I used to back in the olden days. But I guess as you grow older, priorites changes, and that’s exactly what’s happening to me. I used to be able to sit down for hours and literally writes long wordy post but now just like meh haha. Everytime I have time to even draft up a post, I ended up abandoning it and doing something else instead or priorities takes over, that explains why I got almost like 10 plus draft post on my blog. But now I finally got the time and opportunity to writes and might as well reflecting on what was happening on my life since we just got into 2 weeks of 2018 so the timing rather appropriate.

Okay, where shall I start? Just got back my semester 4 result and honestly.. even though I kinda see it coming, I still feel a twitch of dissappointment when I saw my grades. I have failed one mod and like I said, I kinda see it coming because the way I never took the subject seriously, skipped tutorials, and half-heartedly did the projects, as well as did poorly on the final examinations. I should have known, and looking back, I really wished I could turn back time and smack myself in the head and tell to get my shit together, but honestly I can’t. Regrets is useless for now, and what I can do for now is just doing it better for the future. It was funny because few of my friends are also failing few modules and in the way that I could never imagine people like them would fail, because I always thought they are smarter and more responsible than me, but ended up they failed too. What is wrong nowadays? 🙁

And, as what most people would say, when you close one door, another opens. I have finally had the courage to let go a feeling or my attachment to someone because it was so toxic and in a way that it affected my grades. And God is good. When I have finally let it go, and becoming more like yolo and just kinda go with the flow attitude, everything starts to fell into places. I have meet someone new that treats me so much better and cherishes me well. I wouldn’t say much for now or like brag about it, because I don’t wanna jinx it, but I hope everything will goes well for now. It was also funny because he came into my life when I least expected it, do i even makes sense? lol

I’m on Roaccutane med for a month for my acne treatment. I got sudden breakout on my jawline and chin and was kinda bummed because of it, my parents decided to bring me to dermatologist. Actually not a really bad idea because maybe that’s what I needed, have tried so much of beauty products claimed to get rid of acnes, from drugstores one to the expensive one but none works, wew. The only downside was I have to slap bunch of creams on my face everyday, but anything to get back my clear and flawless skin right hahaha.

Oopss.. didn’t realize I wrote long wordy wall of text haha. Shall keep faith for now and see where life takes me for 2018! Fingers crossed!! I hope I can do this more often, reflecting back and writes more in this space. xx

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