Apr 3 2017

blogging from computer lab @ uni!

Haha as the title stated, I blogged from computer lab at uni lolol. Part of it becoz I don’t have laptop yet and part of it I want to fully utilize the ridiculous amount of resource they charged us every new term lo/ OMG I so kiasu hahaha.

Using school computer has its limitations of course, for example I want to listen to music while I’m browsing internet but they don’t have Spotify installed. Weee… how lame. When I tried to download it, there has to be some restrictions stuff like that and the installation failed. So, now I’m using Spotify web player.

I got 2 hours break before my last class today so I figured it out I don’t wanna go back home and take a nap, coz I’m kinda afraid I would laze around and end up skipping class. So, I spending time on computer lab, not library since library pretty much packed at this hour and not sure would get to use a computer or not.

Stupid thing happened today, I went to deposited my allowance today (yay!! allowance day :D) to Maybank CDM at uni and guess what? It was retracted. So, apparently it was jammed stuck on the machine therefore it wasn’t credited to my account. Okay, I pretty much having a heart attack when I checked my balance and it wasn’t credited! Worst of all, I was in the class. I remembered I was rushing when I’m doing the transaction and becoz there are quite long q behind me.

I quickly googled about cash retraction on CDM and apparently Maybank having this issue frequently! Maybank, do something plss!! Anyway, contacted the cust service and told them about my cash retraction, gave out my details, and they told me I would get my money credited around 2-4 working days. While I’m glad their cust service is tip top, I would still give thumbs down for this cash retraction thingy. Super annoying, imagine if this happens when you are in need of quick cash? Say, need to go hospital, or I don’t know.. anything can happen! Then the machine jammed/stuck/whatever and you will only get your money in 2-4 days. HAH.

So, now I’m just waiting for the money to be credited to my account. Pro tip: I would suggest you to just cash deposit on the counter la, well actually today was my first time encountered this so I still have my faith on CDM, but I looked up on a forum and 1 guy apparently facing this every time he use Maybank CDM! WAH! SIAO AHH!! Really unlucky or just coincidence hahahaha….

Okay, gonna blabber again on some other dayss!! Toddlesss… ^^

Apr 2 2017


Hello! Finally gotten myself a brand new point-and shoot camera after contemplating for some time. Its a Sony DSC HX90v weeee.. now that I think about it, I should have gotten the DSC WX500 instead since the difference are just viewfinder and a grip which I couldn’t care less and it costs RM 300 difference zzzz. On the other note, I pretty much satisfied with the cam. It has flip screen for selfie, wifi connection to transfer the photos to my phone and pretty good image sensor and 18.2 MP resolution.

Gonna show you some of the sample photos I took today with the cam, unedited becoz I still haven’t purchase new laptop yet and I don’t think I want to subscribe to CC also, prob will use Photoshop at computer lab at uni laa.

boyfriend excitedly took selca haha pretty good eh?

Had dinner at Myburgerlab today. Bf ordered Yellowsubmarine with Potato Salad, I never liked potato salad but took a bite on the burger and liked the yellow sauce thingy so muchhh!

close-up detail. Took this pic with gourmet setting on the camera and it brings out the color and vividness makes it looks yummier on picture 😉
Potato salad bf’s favorite!
Wondering what was the crispy thingy on my burger? That was actually sharp cheddar cheese hahah I ordered Jammin’ with Elvis, a burger with beef patty and smeared with PB and J. Strange combination eh? But it turned out so yummy.. this burger actually belongs to secret menu of MBL last time, then they ended up put it on the main menu weee means it is super popular right? perasan. Anyway, this is my favorite burger beside Vivien’s Husband (vegetarian) and Ultraman’s Burger. Gotta give a hands up for MBL team to came up with quirky and creative menu names hahah.

Dropped by at Fatbaby for dessert. I keep saying to bf that we both should cut down some carbs and hit the gym yadda yadda but look at us laa haha keep eating zzz. 
School has already started so I might not be able to update this space regularly but I love to blog so I will still put an effort to squeeze in one or two posts while Im juggling between uni life and tons of assignments to do x_x
Till next time!

Mar 10 2017

part-time jobs after so long

Hello hello! So now I have been working part-time at Porridge Time, Sunway Pyramid tee-hee! I happened to saw their vacancy when I was eating out at their branch at Paradigm Mall, talk about coincidence.. so I took down the number and called the manager, and who knows, minute later, I was officially hired #proudnotproud

Yesterday was my first day and it went quite well.. the coworkers all are so nice and caring and willing to teach you, I did some mistakes (key-ing wrong orders, or worst.. forgot to key in the orders) but they assured me that I will get the hang of it in few days, let’s see..

I met one part-timer that happened to be in the same uni as me haha lolol but he is taking QS tho.. he is super friendly and we chatted quite much. Funny thing he did not know that Taylor’s shuttle bus is operating every hour so he goes to work by taking Uber/GRAB.. man must have burned quite some hole in your pocket. His face when I told him that there is shuttle bus to Sunway from uni and it cost 1.20 RM only is priceless. 😂😂

Hm, I will try to squeeze time to update this space hehe so until next timee! 😀

Mar 4 2017


Okay, actually I wanted this post to be quick post before I headed off to Sunway Pyramid for movie time, but my bf keeps bugging me to go because we booked the 11:15 AM time slot movie so we did not missed the movie -_-

On Friday, I am back in Malaysia again! Hah, it feels weird because when I am at home, I keep telling myself I wanna be back so soon because I am bored to death! But, when I am actually here, I feels a bit emo instead. I guess when I am alone here, I have to do everything on my own, which I kinda hate but there is nothing you can do about it, but when I am back home, everything being taken care of. I am so selfish, I know.

Anyway, bf treated me this korea spicy pan-grilled chicken at SS15 Courtyard Mall. Mr.Dalkgalbi seemed like newly opened there because when I went there few months ago, it wasn’t there yet. I keep telling my bf that this is so spicy hor because he can’t eat spicy hahaha turns out you can request to be made less spicy version.

So, there is the waiter that will cook the chicken for you, that time we did not order with cheese because we are unsure with the dish. Scared later not nice mah.. but then we expressed our regret why didn’t we order cheese after went back home hahaha. It looks and taste shiok surely with cheese, I just checked out their tagged photos on instagram. Hm, next time gonna order with cheese, and extra ddeubokki (korean rice cake) I love it so damn much 😀

Shameless me takes over again hahaha btw really likes B612’s stickers leh, better than Snapchat’s one and SNOW app is totally out of my list now because it drains phone battery. Anyway, what is wrong nowadays with live video everywhere? I mean, if you are not famous or anything, do people actually bothers checking out your live vid? Are their lives is goddamn meaningless until they have to watch other ppl’s lives? -.- 

Feb 27 2017

Taeyeon’s first full album released tomorrow!

My favorite Soshi member and so happen to be the kid leader, Taeyeon, gonna release her very first full album, My Voice,  by 28th February 2017, after 2 mini albums, 2 SM Station projects, and 1 digital single! So so excited espescially because I really like her deep vibrato voice haha lol I’m not professional so I can’t describe it but I have been a long time fan of her OST’s like If, Can You Hear Me, I Love You, and the newest one All With You, when she is singing it feels like she is talking how sad she is because her voice is just so full of emotions, and I really love that. Not to mention that it took her almost 10 years into her debut to finally come out with first full album, so it must be overwhelming feeling for her. Her first mini album, I, sold so well and I’m really looking forward for this full album.

Hm, anyway, you can check out some of her teasers image on her official website, tracklist, and highlight clips of each of her songs at Youtube.

Meanwhile, her design album is so so pretty I can’t even.. so aesthetic and tumblr-ish.


These are some of my favorite highlight teasers..



that moment when 30secs teaser gives you life more than full video…
My favorite Pisces girl ever. (kudos for sharing the same zodiac with me haha)

And, check out her ”I Got Love” MV which make me question my sexuality seriouslyy so pretty and gorgggg!



Feb 26 2017

little bit older, little bit bolder

So yesterday, 25th February 2017, was my 23rd birthday. I don’t really fancy birthday, I mean, who came up with the idea that you have to do celebration of getting older and closer to death? Though we all gonna die someday, but still.

I have never been a fan of birthday, I don’t have any closest friend whom I can celebrate with. My parents, well of course they remember my birthday, but other than that, I don’t have any best friend to celebrate. Call me bitter, but it is just who I am. I have lived whole my life this way and I am fine. So, yesterday my dad treated me at Shaburi at Pacific Place which is our favorite place to dine for their AYCE concept, last time it used to be Hanamasa, but they are getting worse, and now Jakarta has various choices when it comes to all you can eat shabu-shabu (Washoku Sato, Little Sheep, etc)

Too bad we did not snap any pictures, we are  famished so taking pictures is definitely not in our minds. We were too busy taking foods and swish swish the meat. Overall, Shaburi is a great place for shabu shabu and did I mention again it is buffet style, and I espescially love the tasty beef! I don’t care how much weight I will be gaining, it is just so damn good I could finish off 5 plates on my own hahaha. On the cooked food section, I espescially love the chicken karaage! I normally did not take any food from hot food section, but the chicken karaage was so crunchy I ended up taking few more.

Uhm, I guess writing without providing any photos is useless lah haha so next time I pay a visit to Shaburi again, I will definitely be taking lotsa picturess and will be spamming this blog with food pics  xx

Toodles, and oh.. happy 23rd birthday once more for me! Damn, I’m getting old, it scares me TT

Feb 21 2017

furry eye iphone case ♥♥

saw this at Glittery Daisy’s fb page, actually my friend also own this kind of phone case and i always borrowed her phone just to stroke the fur because it is so fluffy and soft. Hahaha..

Feb 20 2017

which camera should i buy??

Okay, so I am in the middle of dilemma here. Being an indecisive person, choosing something is incredibly hard for me. I owned a Nikon D3100 DSLR and wanted to switch to mirrorless camera. Because, let’s face it.. the idea of lugging around your heavy DSLR is not appealing to me. My DSLR was my birthday present and i used it less than 10 times maybe? So, I always wanted to buy a mirrorless/pocket camera which the quality now getting better and could rival DSLR, and most importantly, could slip to my handbag or my pocket and cheaper than DSLR.

But which one should I buy? >.<

1. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

Yes, this camera topped my list simply because it is amazing for amateur like me. I like just how simple it is to use because it is a pocket camera, at the same time the specs is just wow and gives pretty much the same result with DSLR.  

2. Fujifilm XA2

I like the vintage-ish look of it, if i finally settles to buy this one, I would pick the brown one becoz it gives an old camera vibes (fyi, they got brown, pink, white and black)

3. Sony A5000/Canon EOS M10

The most affordable option at mirrorless market out there, without sacrificing the quality. They are still pretty darn good for beginner and did you know Sony lens is used for iphone cam lens also? So, this add extra points for Sony A5000, and for Canon EOS M10, I fell in love after watching Melody Amadea’s youtube vid about creative filter assist that you can set to change color and tone of your photoyou can check out some of the example too at Canon Thailand youtube channel, they got some pretty cool tones my favorite is Pimtha with her cutie tone 😀

4. Sony DSC RX100 M2

Ok, this is like high-end for point and shoot Sony camera, so do i need to say more about the quality?? This is the rival for Canon PS G7X Mark II, so this is tough choice hmm -_-

So these are the options and I could really appreciate some help to decide 🙁

Feb 16 2017

fingers crossed.

I am not ashamed to say that it took me almost 6 years to graduate from university. There is a price to pay for my lesson and I regret nothing. It shapes me to who I am today, and for that, I am thankful. 🙏

Feb 15 2017

my thoughts about bullying.

Okay, honestly.. I don’t normally write about these kind of things on my blog. First, because I feel like I don’t have any knowledge and that was very sensitive topic to write or talk about. But honestly tho, if you are a victim of bullying you should not be afraid to speak up.

Few days ago, I was scrolling on facebook newsfeed. Amidst the overloaded hates, people spreading fake news/hoax, and baby pictures (UGH!) I still check on my facebook account regularly, because duh.. who doesn’t like to kaypoh these days? 😀

I came accross 1 post from a fella from one particular forum that i joined (which I do not intend to write the forum name here, and p.s: i have unfollowed the forum by now)

This fella is trying to sell a custom design t-shirt, apparently not the first time (kudos for the effort, btw!) and out of curiousity.. I clicked on the comment section. and I was stunned.

I was expecting normal comments like, ”PM.” or ”Price?” or whatever.. but what I read is bunch of comments calling him to just stop doing it because it is going nowhere. Like seriously.. WTF is wrong with you people??

Okay, I’m gonna be really honest here. The t-shirt wasn’t appealing, nor it has spectacular design but still..  that doesn’t give you reason to calling him names and flame him on social media. Some people actually dares to leave that stupid trash dove sticker on the comment and say ”I’m just gonna park here so i can see how this fella getting flamed on social media.” How shameless.

When I leave 1 whole paragraph of comment saying that we should just leave him alone if we don’t intend to purchase his stuff instead of calling him names and bully him at comment section I got so many responses discrediting him, my notification apparently very busy at that time #sorrynotsorry.

So, basically they told me that this fella has been a pain in the ass and that they try to be polite with him but the guy just doesn’t bother, because actually he suffer from condition which prevents him to engage in social communications properly. Yeah, so what? That does not give you any reason to cyberbully him. One girl actually said it that i should just sit with him and see how poorly he behaves, and see if you can tahan not to bully him. Like seriously girl??? What is the difference if you, and I’m sorry to say, as a normal and educated person cyberbullying because apparently it was the right thing to do. #whereisthelogic

Just because he is such a pain does not mean you have to stoop that low and think,

”Oh well.. he is an ass anyway. So it is just right if he bullies him. He always throw tantrum and very uncomfortable to talk with. So, it is OK to just flaming him.”

NO. This is not right. Those people, they went to college, get a degree and have proper job. But why?? If he has some mental disabilities, then why are we normal people have to treat him that way? Yes, he may caused a disturbance, he is difficult to talk with, he throws tantrum but that does not gives you any rights to just bully him.

I have been called out names before. Fat, ugly, whore, someone actually made a fake account of me on twitter and spreading bad rumors (being a celebrity 101: having someone made a fake profile of you, checked ✓) and I know just how horrible it is. To this day, I still wonder what were those bullies of me thinking and how well they are doing right now. For bullies, it may have been 5 minutes of entertainment of your life, but it could have been a lifetime scars for people that you bullied.

I hope that fella doing well.. i really do.