Dimsum Buffet @ China Treasures! :)

Came across a pretty good deal from 11street.my  for all-you-can-eat dimsum at China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre. Click here for the deal!

Bought for RM 86 for 2px when supposedly you have to pay RM 100 plus for normal price. Went to redeem it 2 weeks ago but being turned away by the manager in charge coz we don’t have any reservation. Turned out they don’t accept walk-ins so business must be pretty good eh.

Straight away called them to make reservation but last Wednesday was PH and it was already fully booked. Turned out can do online booking but filling up the booking form on the 11street’s page, so no need to call them up because they spend like forever to entertain your call. Online booking was surprisingly pretty smooth process, filling up the form, and I got the confirmation in less than an hour. Pro tip if you plan on dining in this restaurant.

Note that the buffet deal does not include drinks, so drinks is extra charge. We ordered this jasmine tea for 2 pax and cost us RM 5.90 for 1 pax so in total we paid RM 11.80 for the drink.

Har Gow. Was pretty dissapointed when it arrives in our table not pipping hot and we took a bite the skin was pretty hard, but the filling was ok with 3 prawns with decent sizes.

Fish paste with layered vegetables. I like all kind of fish paste so I ordered this, taste OK like the kind of fish paste you’d found at yong tau foo like that.

Fried har gor with salad sauce. Wondering where the sauce at? You have to help yourself at the self-service sauce counter haha. I was wondering where the hell is the salad sauce turned out you have to take it by yourself.

Deep fried beancurd with prawn filling. Pretty nice with decent crunchiness.

Duck wings with with soy sauce. Did not touch this because I always feel turns off with duck. K finished this all.

Charcoal bun with salted egg yolk filling. Quite OK but can’t really compare with Jin Xuan’s one ahahaha. The salted egg yolk filling oozing out when you take a bite, but it is clumped so bit dissappointing.

Dumpling with superior chicken broth. Both me and bf agreed that the broth was too sweet and too much MSG and overbearing. We felt very thirsty afterwards zz.

Must order everytime I visit dimsum restaurant. Fried yam puff with chicken and blackpepper sauce. I don’t really like yam in particular, but this I don’t mind eating at all. In fact, I love it!!

Lor Ma Kai with mushroom and chicken.

Crispy dragon beard.

Xiao Long Bao. Weee I’m by no means a Xiao long bat connoisseur but it was pretty decent in my opinion la.

KW said the soup tastes like carbonara sauce lolol.

Deep fried squid ball with cheese.

Big feast muahahaha 😀

Overall, the meal was pretty satisfying. Some dishes were hit and miss but some are quite decent and because I bought an e-voucher, was value for money also. Note that this dimsum restaurant not serving pork and it is halal restaurant. They can take time to deliver the food though, I think we waited at least 20 mins for the first few dishes, and after the crowd lesser up a bit, only the foods come out a little bit faster. Overall rating 3.5/5.0 hehehe.

China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre

Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone number: + 603 2089 3788

Just type in your GPS/Waze:  Sime Darby Convention Centre to get to this restaurant.

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