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Hermo Haul!

As I’ve mentioned in previous post, here are items from my haul! I swear this beauty site is so addictive that I rarely leave the site without at least putting some items to the chart lol #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, this is my second time shopping on Hermo already and must say their customer service is tip top! Inquired them about my Laneige’s Cleansing Oil and they responded in less than 24hrs! And when the item arrived, they totally put an effort and comply to my request by double bubble-wrapped it. What I really like about Hermo is their efficient delivery too. Ordered their items on Thursday, items being wrapped and posted to post office on the same day, and the next day it is on my doorstep already. So convenient right?

Etude House’s AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot!  If you are confused, there are 2 layer of this product, pink and clear layer. What you gotta do is take a dab of it with cotton bud without shaking and apply it evenly on the pimple, note that it works wonder on pimple ready to be popped? Get what I mean? I have tried this product on new freshly acne and it did not work but some review said it works wonder on few days old pimple so maybe gotta try that next time.

ETUDE HOUSE’s Wonder Pore range. I really like the toner/freshener! I’ve been meaning to search for good toner to replace my ‘ol Clean n Clear toner, mind that toner does not cause redness on my face. I’ve tried several drugstores brand like Garnier toner, Clean n Clear, Oxy and all of them were so harsh and cause horrible redness around my face. I decided to try my hand on this ETUDE HOUSE’s Wonder Pore toner and it was not disappointing. It was so light and refreshing and most of all, does not dried out my face. My face appear less oily for the rest of the day! Damn happyy 😀

Sadly, the cleanser does not really works wonder. Well, now I incorporated double cleansing so first step is my Laneige’s Cleansing oil to scrub away any dirts, sebum and followed by this Wonder Pore’s deep foaming cleanser. The effect was amazing. It clears up my cystic acne that has been lingering on my face for over a month. I’ve tried this Wonder Pore’s cleanser alone and it was not really working well, caused breakout on my face. But when I use it as double cleanser, it works pretty good together with the Laneige’s cleansing oil!

I need to thank the stars above the day I found out about this cleansing oil. Actually, my encounters of double cleansing came by unexpectedly. My boyf’s sister left her leftover She Uemura’s cleansing oil, I did not bring my face cleanser that time so I thought, this cleansing oil will do. I was amazed by how bright and clean my face was. At first, I thought my face was already oily so why smeared more oil? Little did I know, oil cleansing works wonder to cleanse out dirts, sebum, and even blackheads, things what foam cleanser could not do, how I wish I knew this earlier. I browsed Hermo and they have this Laneige’s Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil on trial size so I decided to gave it a try (partly becoz Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil range was so pricey lah!)

Anyway, I was so amazed with this Laneige’s Cleansing Oil after I finished out the trial bottle, I bought the full size one! My face has never been better.

Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera must-haves!! My first trying out their best-seller’s  Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel! It was a multi-function gel that I can use almost for anything. Face pack, moisturiser, as a hair serum to helps prevent dry ends and split ends, and sometimes I dab it to my arms and hands to give a cooling effect and to protect my skin from prolonged exposure of harmful stuffs, like pollution, UV Rays and stuff. I found that the mist and gel almost have similar function, just a little bit different in terms of practicality. I like the mist version better because I can pop it in my bag and use it whenever I’m in need of something to soothe off my skin when I’m on the go or just to refresh me on hot and sunny weather in Malaysia. (psst, the mist is not oily and gets absorbed really well too, just like the gel version)

The gel version I normally use before sleep as a face pack and I wakes up with soft and dewy feeling on my face. I like :3

So yeah that’s basically simple review of my Hermo’s Haul! I really appreciate Hermo for taking an extra effort to bringing us beauty products with affordable price (even cheaper than store prices!) and I applaud their customer service and their efficiency on their service. Not a day goes by without me checking out Hermo’s site lolol def not good for my wallet 🙁


Hellloooo! *sends virtual hugs*

I probably should write down what’s happening in my life, even though I’ve no readers and this blog serves as an online diary, so I thought it would still be apt if my blog fills with unnecessary blabbers and ramblings.

Hello June! Can’t believe it’s now June already, where did all the time go??

I was very swarmed with assignments and final projects of each mods. It’s our week 9 already and it means final exams are just around the corner (exams is on week 14 btw!) and I find myself so stressed out with the amount of works I have to do. Next week I got 2 assignments deadline coming, and I haven’t even started anything, horrible I know. And French individual projects also stressing me out zzz.

So far, I’ve done 3 projects from my mods and even though there are still another 5 subjects to be done, at least still better than nothing right? *wink*

This weekend gonna spend it to doing my first draft of business comm essay and my literature review of research. It was first step towards dissertation weeee can you believe it?

Mmm, I think that’s all. I will be back to update this blog with some of skin care reviews from my haul! I bought quite number of stuffs so not sure got time to take a pics, edit them and compile them into a post or not haha. I’ve tried some of them, and it works out pretty good to reduce my cystic acne! If you have no clue about cystic acne, it’s that pimple that you can’t seem to ”pop out” because it’s deep within a skin, and can’t find their way out because it doesn’t have any ”poppable” stuff to pop. You get what I mean? It’s damn annoying coz it popped out suddenly out of nowhere and been lingering on my skin for a month.

I’ve tried Laneige’s Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel to calm and soothe the redness (can you believe it shrinks the pimple? Prob coz it’s aloe vera), and anti-blemish cream from Artistry (this one really works wonder! reduce the acne overnight but you gotta apply it diligently anytime the pimple erupts)

I guess that’s it for now. Talk again some other time! 🙂

Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid!

Boyfriend is a huge fan of Star Wars so right after we had our Seoul Garden buffet dinner, we headed down to this Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration, just right in front of Seoul Garden, so very convenient yo! Along the time while we were eating, it was quite distracting as the event was very near to the restaurant so it was very loud and clear lolol. Half of the time besides eating I was also diligently listening to what the MC said #sokaypoh ahaha.


The Force Awakens! Chewie is my fav character as usual <33


Princess Leia 🙁 it is just heartbreaking that we will never get to see Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia ever again.

Luke Skywalker!

Real life Yoda statue.

Real life BB-8 statue.

classic, ”Luke, I’m your father..” comes to mind everytime I see Darth Vader hahaha. And don’t forget that epic orchestra song that plays everytime he appears.

Spamming with BB-8 pics just becoz I can lolol! :p

The lego one does not come from the same event laa but because they are celebrating the same Star Wars 40th Anniversary, so it is the one that counts right? I prefer the lego version actually.

Got selling mini muffin too! Quite reasonable price and now I’m regretting why I didn’t buy this when I had the chance argh.

Ballpen for RM 19??! Well I’m no one to talk since I willingly spent RM 50 for TsumTsum ballpen.

Recreating Star Wars’s scene made with Lego.

It was a fun event, but sadly they were already on the end of the event already when we came to take a look so not much to see in terms of performance etc. Hope to see this event again next year!! 😀

VCR Coffee & Cakes

Really like my new blog so I keep updating this blog hahaha I guess it is a good thing, no? Anyway, now I am at VCR Cafe, KL for mugging session for my French exam tomorrow and it was already full house even though their opening hour is at 10:30 AM?? Even the barista told us to look for a seat when we were still queuing, because they almost reaches full house already.

Saw this cat in front of the cafe, almost look like the cafe’s mascot already ah? Haha.

The King cake slice!! It is a banana cake with peanut butter frosting, and banana in between. So so damn good, it was melt in the mouth and the combination of PB and the banana made a bomb in your mouth! Priced at RM 13 per slice, tad too pricey but I did not regret every single penny spent on this cake. I think VCR itself claimed this cake is their best-seller product, so make sure to go grab a slice when you are here ya!

Zzzz I don’t know why the photos cast a greenish shadowy, prob because the cafe’s indoor light la or maybe it is just my cam booo. Anyway, we didn’t get to seat outdoor so can’t get much natural light huff.


Every end is a new beginning

This post marks my first post on my new domain + self-hosted I have been blogging with blogger all the way from 2010 (gosh!) and has been part of my life ever since. I have created, deleted and learning some basic HTML things thanks to Blogger. I was contemplating for sometime to get a domain of my own and some more hosting a blog because as my boyfriend would say,

”Got free already still want to use money for what??”

And I would usually attack back by saying,

”Same things when you buy your games on Steam loh..”

At which he would usually didn’t say anything anymore haha. Okay so back to the topic of self-hosting and domain. Even though I’m by no means some big-shot blogger, I would very much love to have a domain of my own. So, when one afternoon I was browsing on the net, was having this kind of promotion for domain and hosting so I would figured it out I would just go and purchase it. About the URL name, I have always find it difficult to come up with URL name/username whatever.. but then I remembered encountering (still do though) some cases whereby everyone would certainly ask me was I born in month of July when they get to know my name. The scenario usually goes like this:

Person 1: What’s your name ah?

Me: Julia

Person 1: OH! You must be born on July, right??

Me: Erm… 

So yeah fyi I was born in February. My mum gave me this name because she was obsessed with Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman that time #takingfangirlingtothenextlevel so I thought to myself why not use that as a URL for my new domain.

Anyway, I still need to familiarise myself with this whole WordPress saga, so forgive me if this blog has some uncluttered mess especially about the images! I have imported my posts from Blogger and I have totally no idea why the photos all came out small and blurry in size. Maybe I should just Photobucket to embed my photos next time.

Since we are in the talk about my new domain and hosting, I figured it out I would share a few tips if any of you consider to move to self-hosted (not to be confused with!)

-It is certainly not free to use! Okay it is technically free for the WordPress itself, but you have to fork out some money to pay for the hosting. Hosting basically your home for your blog. Why need to pay? Because as I have said it was self-hosted, so of course need to pay for the hosting site. Do not worry it will not cost you arms and legs,  there are plenty of choices of web-hosting available out there, so you gotta take your time to choose. All is equally good by the way.

-The hosting process can be a bit tricky if you totally blur about IT! Not saying I was a pro myself but internet tutorial is available out there for free for you to utilise right? This article helps me a lot when I was self-hosted my blog.

-So far I think that offer more accessibility and flexibility to build a blog, you know what I mean? The analogy is like, those free blogger platform like blogger, live journal, are like rented house, but for free. It is good but obviously if you wanted more you can opt for self-hosted one. It was like owning a house on your own you can renovate it, destroy it, for all I care. :p

So, this post basically marks my first move towards a better future of blogging, even though I only blog to keep in track of my daily lives, and as something to look back to as I grow older, without I realise, blogging has been such a big part of me that I owe it big time. Cheers to more happy times ahead!!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

thanks ❤️

oh hey,

I actually wanted to say all this but I guess messenger won’t fit the whole things I’m going to say so I just write it here. :p

-Thank you for always changing to my favorite radio channel everytime I got in to the car. 
-Thank you for constantly bringing me to do things that I always thought impossible.
-Thank you for showing a whole new world that i never even knew it was exists.
-Thank you for driving extra miles just to bring me out for dinner, it means a lot to me for you to spending your time in between of your hectic schedule. 🙂
-Thank you for teaching me a lot of useful things for my future lol (driving, pump a petrol of my own, filling nitrogen to tyres, exploring whole KL with just both legs) haha
-Thank you for always driving me safely back home.
-Thank you for always putting an effort for bringing me to new places to try, though we both sucks at directions (this is when WAZE come to the rescue :p)
-Thank you for spending on me. I really am happy to be once an important people in your life, as you are to me.
-Thank you for taught me that I have so much more that I can do, i adore you because of it.
-Thank you for always putting up with my temper, it’s been hard but i’m glad it was over for you.
-Thank you for trusting, sticking through thick and thins, and not walking away when things are hard for us. 
-Thank you for always say I’m pretty without any makeup or fancy clothes on.
-Thank you for the hugs, unexpected kisses, and thousand of sweet gestures. 
-Thank you for laughing when i imitate the rabbit’s facial expression :p it made my day
-Thank you for not giving up, if you know what i mean.
-Thank you for being the first guy I have ever known to cried for me. It really hurts for me too, actually.
-Thank you for the teasings, laughter, tears, happy and sad things we have gone through.

Basically, just thank you for existed for a short amount of time in my life, my world got a little bit lighter with you in it :3

(though im hoping just a little bit longer with you)

when we meet again, do you think we can try again for a next shot? i have learned my lesson already and when we got to see each other again, i hope it’d be the everlasting one ;p (do you hope so too?) hehe


p.s: i miss having you around, like a lot. i hope you are doing well over there 🙂 

help wanted

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life recently and it seems that my life has fallen apart and it is kinda scary. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do in life, while everyone seems to move forward and confident about what they do. 

don’t you worry there, my honey.

a lot of things happened in the past 3 months i abandoned my blog. i know, i should have blog more since i love to look back to the past and uhm, sometimes reluctant to move forward.. and blogging really makes me happy by clicking around the archives and somehow make me feel like time-travel does exist. well yeah start to talking crap here. nah, in case you are interested, i will jotted it down a few not so important things below;

-i just turned 21 last february, and somehow i feel empty inside. it’s weird, but anyhow, i don’t feel any excitement on birthdays, not like everybody else.
-someone flew all the way from indonesia to malaysia with a bouquet of flowers and an instax mini 25s as a present on my birthday. really made my day… but if you asked.. nope we didn’t work out. duh.
-i’ve met someone, and he makes me happier than i could ever be.
-i found secret app is funny.
-installed tinder and swiped right bunch of guys i didn’t know! man that was fun until i get bored and uninstalled it out of the blue haha.
-thinking to go for a partying once i finished my degree; but the idea of dancing endlessly whole night and sitting with a bunch of people you don’t know is suffocating me so this is not kinda my thing i guess :p
-i’m dating someone right now and he is amazing though sometimes he drives me nuts.

i’ve been listening non-stop to you & i by inggrid michaelson and she reminds of she & him which i really love!

don’t you worry there, my honey
we might not have any money
but we got our love to pay the bills.

(nah, kidding. of course you have to work your asses off.. but still i heart this song.)


I guess every girl was born with an FBI’s DNA on them, yeaaa that includes me. I should be rewarded for my ability to stalk. Here i am, counting things i know about you.. and i really wish you’d give me a chance to get to know you more.

and here it goes..

-you look cute with glasses. and by cute, i mean it is damn sexy and appealing at the same time.
-you really do love singing, don’t you?
-you are funny, witty, mysterious and makes me wanting more, not in a kinky way. 😉

dear you.

you might have no idea i keep playing that scene when we were out and catch a movie together, and i’m telling you.. i stupidly smile for no reason at all. i can still feel that warmth of your hands. i was wondering where have you been all this time, and why you and i didn’t meet sooner. but i guess that’s just God’s way of telling me that everything happens for a reason. 🙂

…. i keep reminding myself not to get attached to you, but i guess it can’t be helped. i’m not sure about your feelings towards me, so i hope you will catch a signs that i’m sending.  

p.s: i wholeheartedly wish that you don’t read my blog….. or else you’d think i’m sort of a psycho and you’d freak out. :p