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Updates on my life!

Helloooo!! Gosh, I feel so guilty for not blogging as much as I used to back in the olden days. But I guess as you grow older, priorites changes, and that’s exactly what’s happening to me. I used to be able to sit down for hours and literally writes long wordy post but now just like meh haha. Everytime I have time to even draft up a post, I ended up abandoning it and doing something else instead or priorities takes over, that explains why I got almost like 10 plus draft post on my blog. But now I finally got the time and opportunity to writes and might as well reflecting on what was happening on my life since we just got into 2 weeks of 2018 so the timing rather appropriate.

Okay, where shall I start? Just got back my semester 4 result and honestly.. even though I kinda see it coming, I still feel a twitch of dissappointment when I saw my grades. I have failed one mod and like I said, I kinda see it coming because the way I never took the subject seriously, skipped tutorials, and half-heartedly did the projects, as well as did poorly on the final examinations. I should have known, and looking back, I really wished I could turn back time and smack myself in the head and tell to get my shit together, but honestly I can’t. Regrets is useless for now, and what I can do for now is just doing it better for the future. It was funny because few of my friends are also failing few modules and in the way that I could never imagine people like them would fail, because I always thought they are smarter and more responsible than me, but ended up they failed too. What is wrong nowadays? πŸ™

And, as what most people would say, when you close one door, another opens. I have finally had the courage to let go a feeling or my attachment to someone because it was so toxic and in a way that it affected my grades. And God is good. When I have finally let it go, and becoming more like yolo and just kinda go with the flow attitude, everything starts to fell into places. I have meet someone new that treats me so much better and cherishes me well. I wouldn’t say much for now or like brag about it, because I don’t wanna jinx it, but I hope everything will goes well for now. It was also funny because he came into my life when I least expected it, do i even makes sense? lol

I’m on Roaccutane med for a month for my acne treatment. I got sudden breakout on my jawline and chin and was kinda bummed because of it, my parents decided to bring me to dermatologist. Actually not a really bad idea because maybe that’s what I needed, have tried so much of beauty products claimed to get rid of acnes, from drugstores one to the expensive one but none works, wew. The only downside was I have to slap bunch of creams on my face everyday, but anything to get back my clear and flawless skin right hahaha.

Oopss.. didn’t realize I wrote long wordy wall of text haha. Shall keep faith for now and see where life takes me for 2018! Fingers crossed!! I hope I can do this more often, reflecting back and writes more in this space. xx

Worst Day Ever!!

Zzzzzz today should be nominated as worst day ever in my life!! I had to blog about it as a record so here I am lol. Okay, my ritual before go to sleep was scrolling endlessly on fb/instagram, then I saw 1 FB post being shared on Taylor’s University Confession page

I was like, oh since it is very near to where I live, I’m just gonna drop by, find the litter of puppies, and buy some foods from 7-11 and feed them. I could not find the litter by the way, but instead I found bunch of stray dogs loitering around Taylor’s carpark. Like around, 7-8 of them?? So I played around with them a bit, when I said playing around, that means I have to play hide and seek because those stray dogs aren’t that friendly with human. Then I fucking dropped my phone without I realise from my loose Reebok’s pocket. Zzzzzzz. I was panicked, borrowed guard on duty’s flashlight on his phone, and searched the entire carpark! By searching, I mean beating around the bushes at 3 clock in the midnight, searching for every corner at very big carpark to find 1 phone, and it was so dark the flashlight was almost no use at all. I was almost convinced that the phone dropped to the small pond around that area and about to cry, when I saw a shadowy of my phone under a car. That was the second time I almost cried in tears of joy, the first one when I graduated high school zzz.

Moral of the story, do not try to be a hero when actually you suck at being one (don’t take my advice seriously, I tend to write nonsense on blog!) and for the love of God, next time I’m gonna put a bright neon coloured phone case!

Every end is a new beginning

This post marks my first post on my new domain + self-hosted I have been blogging with blogger all the way from 2010 (gosh!) and has been part of my life ever since. I have created, deleted and learning some basic HTML things thanks to Blogger. I was contemplating for sometime to get a domain of my own and some more hosting a blog because as my boyfriend would say,

”Got free already still want to use money for what??”

And I would usually attack back by saying,

”Same things when you buy your games on Steam loh..”

At which he would usually didn’t say anything anymore haha. Okay so back to the topic of self-hosting and domain. Even though I’m by no means some big-shot blogger, I would very much love to have a domain of my own. So, when one afternoon I was browsing on the net, was having this kind of promotion for domain and hosting so I would figured it out I would just go and purchase it. About the URL name, I have always find it difficult to come up with URL name/username whatever.. but then I remembered encountering (still do though) some cases whereby everyone would certainly ask me was I born in month of July when they get to know my name. The scenario usually goes like this:

Person 1: What’s your name ah?

Me: Julia

Person 1: OH! You must be born on July, right??

Me: Erm…Β 

So yeah fyi I was born in February. My mum gave me this name because she was obsessed with Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman that time #takingfangirlingtothenextlevel so I thought to myself why not use that as a URL for my new domain.

Anyway, I still need to familiarise myself with this whole WordPress saga, so forgive me if this blog has some uncluttered mess especially about the images! I have imported my posts from Blogger and I have totally no idea why the photos all came out small and blurry in size. Maybe I should just Photobucket to embed my photos next time.

Since we are in the talk about my new domain and hosting, I figured it out I would share a few tips if any of you consider to move to self-hosted (not to be confused with!)

-It is certainly not free to use! Okay it is technically free for the WordPress itself, but you have to fork out some money to pay for the hosting. Hosting basically your home for your blog. Why need to pay? Because as I have said it was self-hosted, so of course need to pay for the hosting site. Do not worry it will not cost you arms and legs, Β there are plenty of choices of web-hosting available out there, so you gotta take your time to choose. All is equally good by the way.

-The hosting process can be a bit tricky if you totally blur about IT! Not saying I was a pro myself but internet tutorial is available out there for free for you to utilise right? This article helps me a lot when I was self-hosted my blog.

-So far I think that offer more accessibility and flexibility to build a blog, you know what I mean? The analogy is like, those free blogger platform like blogger, live journal, are like rented house, but for free. It is good but obviously if you wanted more you can opt for self-hosted one. It was like owning a house on your own you can renovate it, destroy it, for all I care. :p

So, this post basically marks my first move towards a better future of blogging, even though I only blog to keep in track of my daily lives, and as something to look back to as I grow older, without I realise, blogging has been such a big part of me that I owe it big time. Cheers to more happy times ahead!!

furry eye iphone case β™₯β™₯

saw this at Glittery Daisy’s fb page, actually my friend also own this kind of phone case and i always borrowed her phone just to stroke the fur because it is so fluffy and soft. Hahaha..

which camera should i buy??

Okay, so I am in the middle of dilemma here. Being an indecisive person, choosing something is incredibly hard for me. I owned a Nikon D3100 DSLR and wanted to switch to mirrorless camera. Because, let’s face it.. the idea of lugging around your heavy DSLR is not appealing to me. My DSLR was my birthday present and i used it less than 10 times maybe? So, I always wanted to buy a mirrorless/pocket camera which the quality now getting better and could rival DSLR, and most importantly, could slip to my handbag or my pocket and cheaper than DSLR.

But which one should I buy? >.<

1. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

Yes, this camera topped my list simply because it is amazing for amateur like me. I like just how simple it is to use because it is a pocket camera, at the same time the specs is just wow and gives pretty much the same result with DSLR.  

2. Fujifilm XA2

I like the vintage-ish look of it, if i finally settles to buy this one, I would pick the brown one becoz it gives an old camera vibes (fyi, they got brown, pink, white and black)

3. Sony A5000/Canon EOS M10

The most affordable option at mirrorless market out there, without sacrificing the quality. They are still pretty darn good for beginner and did you know Sony lens is used for iphone cam lens also? So, this add extra points for Sony A5000, and for Canon EOS M10, I fell in love after watching Melody Amadea’s youtube vid about creative filter assist that you can set to change color and tone of your photoyou can check out some of the example too at Canon Thailand youtube channel, they got some pretty cool tones my favorite is Pimtha with her cutie tone πŸ˜€

4. Sony DSC RX100 M2

Ok, this is like high-end for point and shoot Sony camera, so do i need to say more about the quality?? This is the rival for Canon PS G7X Mark II, so this is tough choice hmm -_-

So these are the options and I could really appreciate some help to decide πŸ™

fingers crossed.

I am not ashamed to say that it took me almost 6 years to graduate from university. There is a price to pay for my lesson and I regret nothing. It shapes me to who I am today, and for that, I am thankful. πŸ™

my thoughts about bullying.

Okay, honestly.. I don’t normally write about these kind of things on my blog. First, because I feel like I don’t have any knowledge and that was very sensitive topic to write or talk about. But honestly tho, if you are a victim of bullying you should not be afraid to speak up.

Few days ago, I was scrolling on facebook newsfeed. Amidst the overloaded hates, people spreading fake news/hoax, and baby pictures (UGH!) I still check on my facebook account regularly, because duh.. who doesn’t like to kaypoh these days? πŸ˜€

I came accross 1 post from a fella from one particular forum that i joined (which I do not intend to write the forum name here, and p.s: i have unfollowed the forum by now)

This fella is trying to sell a custom design t-shirt, apparently not the first time (kudos for the effort, btw!) and out of curiousity.. I clicked on the comment section. and I was stunned.

I was expecting normal comments like, ”PM.” or ”Price?” or whatever.. but what I read is bunch of comments calling him to just stop doing it because it is going nowhere. Like seriously.. WTF is wrong with you people??

Okay, I’m gonna be really honest here. The t-shirt wasn’t appealing, nor it has spectacular design but still..  that doesn’t give you reason to calling him names and flame him on social media. Some people actually dares to leave that stupid trash dove sticker on the comment and say ”I’m just gonna park here so i can see how this fella getting flamed on social media.” How shameless.

When I leave 1 whole paragraph of comment saying that we should just leave him alone if we don’t intend to purchase his stuff instead of calling him names and bully him at comment section I got so many responses discrediting him, my notification apparently very busy at that time #sorrynotsorry.

So, basically they told me that this fella has been a pain in the ass and that they try to be polite with him but the guy just doesn’t bother, because actually he suffer from condition which prevents him to engage in social communications properly. Yeah, so what? That does not give you any reason to cyberbully him. One girl actually said it that i should just sit with him and see how poorly he behaves, and see if you can tahan not to bully him. Like seriously girl??? What is the difference if you, and I’m sorry to say, as a normal and educated person cyberbullying because apparently it was the right thing to do. #whereisthelogic

Just because he is such a pain does not mean you have to stoop that low and think,

”Oh well.. he is an ass anyway. So it is just right if he bullies him. He always throw tantrum and very uncomfortable to talk with. So, it is OK to just flaming him.”

NO. This is not right. Those people, they went to college, get a degree and have proper job. But why?? If he has some mental disabilities, then why are we normal people have to treat him that way? Yes, he may caused a disturbance, he is difficult to talk with, he throws tantrum but that does not gives you any rights to just bully him.

I have been called out names before. Fat, ugly, whore, someone actually made a fake account of me on twitter and spreading bad rumors (being a celebrity 101: having someone made a fake profile of you, checked βœ“) and I know just how horrible it is. To this day, I still wonder what were those bullies of me thinking and how well they are doing right now. For bullies, it may have been 5 minutes of entertainment of your life, but it could have been a lifetime scars for people that you bullied.

I hope that fella doing well.. i really do.



shoot ’em with a bang!

First of all, happy chinese new year!! May this year brings happiness and prosperity to everyone. Yesterday we went to chinese new year reunion, both from my mom’s side and my dad’s side as well. It was good because the angpows but not so much for the faking a smile and laugh part. I was okay with my dad’s side because my cousins (looking at ya Kevin and D) are my best friends, but I haven’t seen my mum’s side for like… 7-8 years?? So it was awkward and stiff and yeah I don’t really have fond memory of all of them so it was lame. I just literally sank in the sofa begging my dad to get home haha. (not to mention the food sucks, shouldn’t even held a CNY open house, IMHO)
And not to mention most of ’em aren’t really good as well, by that I meant the attitudes. I started to believe we forgot what’s the real meaning of CNY, like CNY is just the opportunity to showing off brand new cars you got, shiny new clothes, houses, and talk about #braggingright. No wonder I never looking forward for CNY, except for the angpow lol.
Talking about angpow, I collected so much that I was so happy with it and exchanged it to Ringgit currency with daddy I got the whooping amount of RM 1.200. WOOHOO! But now I’m torn whether to buy camera or just keep saving it up. Hmm.
Anw, what’s with the title? I’ve been crazy with Bang Bang by! I can’t get this song out of my head and it’s been playing over and over haha.


Note to self:

To save money until it is enough for me to buy Canon Powershot G7X Mark II (it cost arm and leg btw, RM 2699)


pic from Google.

p.s: i will be posting about it when i finally able to buy this camera HAHAHA