Another year has gone by

Well.. well *dusting off spiderwebs from this blog is not gonna be an easy task* apparently I have been been abandoning this space for few months and I feel super bad. Most probably cos I actually writes a lot of post draft but I was never actually got the time to sit around to finish it. Wew. Guilty much?

Anyway, happy new year 2018!! It’s the first week of 2018 so I hope everything’s good with you all, whoever it is reading this blog hahaha. A lot has happened in 2017, not all of it were bad things, in fact I was thankful for each and every storms and obstacles coming along my way, I feel like I have grown so much and kinda like epiphany that I deserves so much more than to settles to an ordinary. For that, I thank God everytime.

I’m most probably will be gone for another few months, but I hope not.. so see you when I see you again. Toodles!

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