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shoot ’em with a bang!

First of all, happy chinese new year!! May this year brings happiness and prosperity to everyone. Yesterday we went to chinese new year reunion, both from my mom’s side and my dad’s side as well. It was good because the angpows but not so much for the faking a smile and laugh part. I was okay with my dad’s side because my cousins (looking at ya Kevin and D) are my best friends, but I haven’t seen my mum’s side for like… 7-8 years?? So it was awkward and stiff and yeah I don’t really have fond memory of all of them so it was lame. I just literally sank in the sofa begging my dad to get home haha. (not to mention the food sucks, shouldn’t even held a CNY open house, IMHO)
And not to mention most of ’em aren’t really good as well, by that I meant the attitudes. I started to believe we forgot what’s the real meaning of CNY, like CNY is just the opportunity to showing off brand new cars you got, shiny new clothes, houses, and talk about #braggingright. No wonder I never looking forward for CNY, except for the angpow lol.
Talking about angpow, I collected so much that I was so happy with it and exchanged it to Ringgit currency with daddy I got the whooping amount of RM 1.200. WOOHOO! But now I’m torn whether to buy camera or just keep saving it up. Hmm.
Anw, what’s with the title? I’ve been crazy with Bang Bang by! I can’t get this song out of my head and it’s been playing over and over haha.


Note to self:

To save money until it is enough for me to buy Canon Powershot G7X Mark II (it cost arm and leg btw, RM 2699)


pic from Google.

p.s: i will be posting about it when i finally able to buy this camera HAHAHA


just finished watching Daddy’s Home.. for the 3rd times haha lol. Mark Wahlberg is bae and Will Ferrell was fine in this movie but the storyline was kinda rushed and i feel the scripwriter just didn’t try enough with the movie.. i’ve had so much expectations for comedy movie because, its fuckin Will Ferrell..if you didn’t expect much like usual Will Ferrell business, then this movie was good enough lah, but it lacks something ijdk what, it could have been Adam Sandler movie and tell you what, he sucked. Gross. Big time. This coming from someone who used to liked him in the past, the good ol’ times.   x___x
p.s: anyone can help me to install twitter sidebar widget?? *waving the white flag*


Howdyy! I have been back for almost a month now and man it was so boring here. Only eat, sleep, watching tv and browse internet. CNY is next week and I’m not really happy about it, except for the ang pow lolll πŸ˜€
I am having a COLD SORE these few days, like wtf.. it was so annoying and hurt like hell. Wouldn’t say it’s hurt but it was so itchy i have to hold myself not to fuckin scratch it otherwise it would leave a a keloid scar like wth like i don’t have enough keloid scars to deal with. Applied bonjela cream but judging from my past experience with cold sore, the cream does not really help much, but at least it protects the scar from being exposed to bacteria which could slower the recovery.
talking about keloid scars, went to dermatology few days back to treat my keloids and doctor said that some of ’em are starts to flattened. HOORAAY. He prescribed mederma cream to treat the scar but i have always have problem with discipline about treating my scars… but i will try. *fingers crossed*
fav song atm:

spam my tumblr, guys! :)

Hi, if anyone knows my old tumblr from 2011-2016 can’t be accessed anymore πŸ™ Tumblr made some changes about the security and required to changed password, and because i used my super old e-mail, the reset link can’t be accessed. So, just like that, my 5 years old tumblr was gone T.T it feels so sad because I grew up with that tumblr, it was part of my internet journey.. damn so emo now.
But, I decided to created a new tumblr account and please follow, spam reblog, or whateva.. it would meant a lot. CHEERIO!! πŸ˜€