Jan 12 2018

Updates on my life!

Helloooo!! Gosh, I feel so guilty for not blogging as much as I used to back in the olden days. But I guess as you grow older, priorites changes, and that’s exactly what’s happening to me. I used to be able to sit down for hours and literally writes long wordy post but now just like meh haha. Everytime I have time to even draft up a post, I ended up abandoning it and doing something else instead or priorities takes over, that explains why I got almost like 10 plus draft post on my blog. But now I finally got the time and opportunity to writes and might as well reflecting on what was happening on my life since we just got into 2 weeks of 2018 so the timing rather appropriate.

Okay, where shall I start? Just got back my semester 4 result and honestly.. even though I kinda see it coming, I still feel a twitch of dissappointment when I saw my grades. I have failed one mod and like I said, I kinda see it coming because the way I never took the subject seriously, skipped tutorials, and half-heartedly did the projects, as well as did poorly on the final examinations. I should have known, and looking back, I really wished I could turn back time and smack myself in the head and tell to get my shit together, but honestly I can’t. Regrets is useless for now, and what I can do for now is just doing it better for the future. It was funny because few of my friends are also failing few modules and in the way that I could never imagine people like them would fail, because I always thought they are smarter and more responsible than me, but ended up they failed too. What is wrong nowadays? 🙁

And, as what most people would say, when you close one door, another opens. I have finally had the courage to let go a feeling or my attachment to someone because it was so toxic and in a way that it affected my grades. And God is good. When I have finally let it go, and becoming more like yolo and just kinda go with the flow attitude, everything starts to fell into places. I have meet someone new that treats me so much better and cherishes me well. I wouldn’t say much for now or like brag about it, because I don’t wanna jinx it, but I hope everything will goes well for now. It was also funny because he came into my life when I least expected it, do i even makes sense? lol

I’m on Roaccutane med for a month for my acne treatment. I got sudden breakout on my jawline and chin and was kinda bummed because of it, my parents decided to bring me to dermatologist. Actually not a really bad idea because maybe that’s what I needed, have tried so much of beauty products claimed to get rid of acnes, from drugstores one to the expensive one but none works, wew. The only downside was I have to slap bunch of creams on my face everyday, but anything to get back my clear and flawless skin right hahaha.

Oopss.. didn’t realize I wrote long wordy wall of text haha. Shall keep faith for now and see where life takes me for 2018! Fingers crossed!! I hope I can do this more often, reflecting back and writes more in this space. xx

Jan 7 2018

Another year has gone by

Well.. well *dusting off spiderwebs from this blog is not gonna be an easy task* apparently I have been been abandoning this space for few months and I feel super bad. Most probably cos I actually writes a lot of post draft but I was never actually got the time to sit around to finish it. Wew. Guilty much?

Anyway, happy new year 2018!! It’s the first week of 2018 so I hope everything’s good with you all, whoever it is reading this blog hahaha. A lot has happened in 2017, not all of it were bad things, in fact I was thankful for each and every storms and obstacles coming along my way, I feel like I have grown so much and kinda like epiphany that I deserves so much more than to settles to an ordinary. For that, I thank God everytime.

I’m most probably will be gone for another few months, but I hope not.. so see you when I see you again. Toodles!

Jul 29 2017

Last Month


*does virtual waves*

Ahem, I just realized I have been away from my blog for almost a month, not really bad considering I have been diligently updating my Dayre (dayre.me/julia0225) but now I thought since I paid for this domain and hosting it would be a waste if I just abandon it heh.

The past last month, nothing much happened. I went on pretty smoothly about my uni life, finished the final exams and so on. For once, I have confidence about my results HAHA not because I was a good student lo but because most of the tips that the lecturers gave came out in the questions paper weee. Thank youu all my lecturers!

Will be going back to Jakarta on 11th August so for these 2 weeks I am just gonna be a rotten potato zz.

Ending off with some random photos from my camera roll.


Super good and oh-so-sinful salted egg yolk waffle from Inside Scoop. The combination of ice creams I chose was to die for 😀

P.S Tokyo @ SS2. Awfully pricey but not extraordinary. Meh.

Crazy WhatsApp group HAHAHA. You won’t believe how much dramas that we’ve been thru like drama got nothing on us ok! Hahaha.

Okay, gonna signing off from blog now, waiting for my Mcdelivery now hmm.

Toodles! X

Jun 12 2017

Hermo Haul!

As I’ve mentioned in previous post, here are items from my Hermo.my haul! I swear this beauty site is so addictive that I rarely leave the site without at least putting some items to the chart lol #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, this is my second time shopping on Hermo already and must say their customer service is tip top! Inquired them about my Laneige’s Cleansing Oil and they responded in less than 24hrs! And when the item arrived, they totally put an effort and comply to my request by double bubble-wrapped it. What I really like about Hermo is their efficient delivery too. Ordered their items on Thursday, items being wrapped and posted to post office on the same day, and the next day it is on my doorstep already. So convenient right?

Etude House’s AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot!  If you are confused, there are 2 layer of this product, pink and clear layer. What you gotta do is take a dab of it with cotton bud without shaking and apply it evenly on the pimple, note that it works wonder on pimple ready to be popped? Get what I mean? I have tried this product on new freshly acne and it did not work but some review said it works wonder on few days old pimple so maybe gotta try that next time.

ETUDE HOUSE’s Wonder Pore range. I really like the toner/freshener! I’ve been meaning to search for good toner to replace my ‘ol Clean n Clear toner, mind that toner does not cause redness on my face. I’ve tried several drugstores brand like Garnier toner, Clean n Clear, Oxy and all of them were so harsh and cause horrible redness around my face. I decided to try my hand on this ETUDE HOUSE’s Wonder Pore toner and it was not disappointing. It was so light and refreshing and most of all, does not dried out my face. My face appear less oily for the rest of the day! Damn happyy 😀

Sadly, the cleanser does not really works wonder. Well, now I incorporated double cleansing so first step is my Laneige’s Cleansing oil to scrub away any dirts, sebum and followed by this Wonder Pore’s deep foaming cleanser. The effect was amazing. It clears up my cystic acne that has been lingering on my face for over a month. I’ve tried this Wonder Pore’s cleanser alone and it was not really working well, caused breakout on my face. But when I use it as double cleanser, it works pretty good together with the Laneige’s cleansing oil!

I need to thank the stars above the day I found out about this cleansing oil. Actually, my encounters of double cleansing came by unexpectedly. My boyf’s sister left her leftover She Uemura’s cleansing oil, I did not bring my face cleanser that time so I thought, this cleansing oil will do. I was amazed by how bright and clean my face was. At first, I thought my face was already oily so why smeared more oil? Little did I know, oil cleansing works wonder to cleanse out dirts, sebum, and even blackheads, things what foam cleanser could not do, how I wish I knew this earlier. I browsed Hermo and they have this Laneige’s Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil on trial size so I decided to gave it a try (partly becoz Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil range was so pricey lah!)

Anyway, I was so amazed with this Laneige’s Cleansing Oil after I finished out the trial bottle, I bought the full size one! My face has never been better.

Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera must-haves!! My first trying out their best-seller’s  Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel! It was a multi-function gel that I can use almost for anything. Face pack, moisturiser, as a hair serum to helps prevent dry ends and split ends, and sometimes I dab it to my arms and hands to give a cooling effect and to protect my skin from prolonged exposure of harmful stuffs, like pollution, UV Rays and stuff. I found that the mist and gel almost have similar function, just a little bit different in terms of practicality. I like the mist version better because I can pop it in my bag and use it whenever I’m in need of something to soothe off my skin when I’m on the go or just to refresh me on hot and sunny weather in Malaysia. (psst, the mist is not oily and gets absorbed really well too, just like the gel version)

The gel version I normally use before sleep as a face pack and I wakes up with soft and dewy feeling on my face. I like :3

So yeah that’s basically simple review of my Hermo’s Haul! I really appreciate Hermo for taking an extra effort to bringing us beauty products with affordable price (even cheaper than store prices!) and I applaud their customer service and their efficiency on their service. Not a day goes by without me checking out Hermo’s site lolol def not good for my wallet 🙁

Jun 2 2017


Hellloooo! *sends virtual hugs*

I probably should write down what’s happening in my life, even though I’ve no readers and this blog serves as an online diary, so I thought it would still be apt if my blog fills with unnecessary blabbers and ramblings.

Hello June! Can’t believe it’s now June already, where did all the time go??

I was very swarmed with assignments and final projects of each mods. It’s our week 9 already and it means final exams are just around the corner (exams is on week 14 btw!) and I find myself so stressed out with the amount of works I have to do. Next week I got 2 assignments deadline coming, and I haven’t even started anything, horrible I know. And French individual projects also stressing me out zzz.

So far, I’ve done 3 projects from my mods and even though there are still another 5 subjects to be done, at least still better than nothing right? *wink*

This weekend gonna spend it to doing my first draft of business comm essay and my literature review of research. It was first step towards dissertation weeee can you believe it?

Mmm, I think that’s all. I will be back to update this blog with some of skin care reviews from my Hermo.my haul! I bought quite number of stuffs so not sure got time to take a pics, edit them and compile them into a post or not haha. I’ve tried some of them, and it works out pretty good to reduce my cystic acne! If you have no clue about cystic acne, it’s that pimple that you can’t seem to ”pop out” because it’s deep within a skin, and can’t find their way out because it doesn’t have any ”poppable” stuff to pop. You get what I mean? It’s damn annoying coz it popped out suddenly out of nowhere and been lingering on my skin for a month.

I’ve tried Laneige’s Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel to calm and soothe the redness (can you believe it shrinks the pimple? Prob coz it’s aloe vera), and anti-blemish cream from Artistry (this one really works wonder! reduce the acne overnight but you gotta apply it diligently anytime the pimple erupts)

I guess that’s it for now. Talk again some other time! 🙂

May 28 2017

SKINFOOD Freshmade Pineapple Mask Review!

Hello hello! Awhile back, I just purchase my first box from Hermo.my!  Quite some time until I’ve decided to place an order haha becoz their adverts just popped up everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc! After hearing so much raves about them, and mostly are positives reviews, I finally browsed Hermo and placed few orders. Among few products that I’ve tried one of them is this Skinfood Freshmade Pineapple Mask!

Decided to write a review on scrapbook’s form muehehe it is not that good laa coz I’m not that familiar with Photoshop tools yet. Basically I just collect all resources from Deviantart.com and pieced them all with PS! With some variations here and there. But I never imagined it would be so time-consuming loh. It may look simple right but actually this takes me few hrs to browse for the resources, another hour to compile them all with PS! Zzz maybe becoz I still takes time to familiarise myself with the tools coz it was quite complicated hahaha. Anyway, practice makes perfect so yeah! Expect to see this kind of blog posts in the future ok! Coz it was quite addictive for me ahaha. 😀

May 22 2017

Star Wars: 40th Anniversary Celebration @ Sunway Pyramid!

Boyfriend is a huge fan of Star Wars so right after we had our Seoul Garden buffet dinner, we headed down to this Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration, just right in front of Seoul Garden, so very convenient yo! Along the time while we were eating, it was quite distracting as the event was very near to the restaurant so it was very loud and clear lolol. Half of the time besides eating I was also diligently listening to what the MC said #sokaypoh ahaha.


The Force Awakens! Chewie is my fav character as usual <33


Princess Leia 🙁 it is just heartbreaking that we will never get to see Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia ever again.

Luke Skywalker!

Real life Yoda statue.

Real life BB-8 statue.

classic, ”Luke, I’m your father..” comes to mind everytime I see Darth Vader hahaha. And don’t forget that epic orchestra song that plays everytime he appears.

Spamming with BB-8 pics just becoz I can lolol! :p

The lego one does not come from the same event laa but because they are celebrating the same Star Wars 40th Anniversary, so it is the one that counts right? I prefer the lego version actually.

Got selling mini muffin too! Quite reasonable price and now I’m regretting why I didn’t buy this when I had the chance argh.

Ballpen for RM 19??! Well I’m no one to talk since I willingly spent RM 50 for TsumTsum ballpen.

Recreating Star Wars’s scene made with Lego.

It was a fun event, but sadly they were already on the end of the event already when we came to take a look so not much to see in terms of performance etc. Hope to see this event again next year!! 😀

May 21 2017

Suits Obsession!

This series has been keeping me up all night for the past week and I love love love every episodes! My boyf got himself a Netflix account, sharing the subscription fee with his friends, and of course being a good girlfriend I am, I asked for his Netflix account lol.

There are few things I have to write it out as my obsession with this series grow bigger and bigger each day hahah. By the way, I just finished season 5 yesterday, and season 6 is not available on Netflix yet (why??!), zz what a cliffhanger, and premieres of season 7 is on July! Like, maybe I should just torrent it??

So basically, this lawyer TV series is the first serious TV series I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Normally, I would refrain watching serious TV series because I don’t wanna work and squeeze the nerve on my brains out while watching a TV series, so I would usually watches light and comedy TV series like Two and a Half Men, HIMYM, TBBT, New Girl, etc but it is happened that I came across Suits on Netflix and intrigued with the description that goes along with it,

”When he impresses a big lawyer with his razor-sharp mind, a college dropout scores a coveted associate job, even though he has no legal credentials.”

And just that, I found myself clicked the first episode, and 2nd episode, 3rd episode, oh you know where this is going la. My sem break spent marathon-ing Suits.

One of many things I like about this TV Series, the topic centered around very heavy topic one, like lawyer, politics, money laundering, justice and blahblahdiblah but somehow, I don’t find it hard to understand at all. Erm, it is also funny because this sem I also got Law on my module, and sometimes I find few terms explained by my teacher at uni also appeared on Suits haha. I was like, ”Wah why so similar one ah? Like I’ve heard it before..” then I looked up on my textbook and found similar law term lolol. Was joked with boyf how I’m not gonna need to study law for exam later becoz I got Suits to cover it up muahaha (just kidding!)

This series centers on Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout with photographic memory that happened to amuses Harvey Specter, a big hotshot senior partner on one of the biggest law firm in NYC, and hired him to become an associate at the firm even though Mike does not have a law degree (never even attended one!) let alone from Harvard Law School because the firm only hires from Harvard. So, this series shows Mike as an associate while Harvey tries to covers it up that he just brought in a fraud as an associate. Not gonna give you any spoilers but gotta tell you few occasions Mike’s disguise as a fake Harvard’s graduant almost busted.

Few of my favourite images/GIFS (courtesy from Tumblr)

#TeamMarvey forever ♥

can we please make #Darvey  a couple alreadyyy??? Okay no offence, I like Scottie, but Donna is just perfect pair for Harvey. Stop playing with our feelings, scriptwriter 🙁 #TeamDarveyShipper

I might considered to get one of this ‘‘You Just Got LITT Up” mug hahaha. Found few deals on Amazon/Ebay need to hold on tight to my money leh. But it is so adorable I can not.


Dem feelssss.

Okay, I think I’ve talked t0o much about my Suits’s obsession hahaha just watch it if you haven’t laa. <333 Don’t blame it on me if you got hooked alright? :3

May 17 2017

Dimsum Buffet @ China Treasures! :)

Came across a pretty good deal from 11street.my  for all-you-can-eat dimsum at China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre. Click here for the deal!

Bought for RM 86 for 2px when supposedly you have to pay RM 100 plus for normal price. Went to redeem it 2 weeks ago but being turned away by the manager in charge coz we don’t have any reservation. Turned out they don’t accept walk-ins so business must be pretty good eh.

Straight away called them to make reservation but last Wednesday was PH and it was already fully booked. Turned out can do online booking but filling up the booking form on the 11street’s page, so no need to call them up because they spend like forever to entertain your call. Online booking was surprisingly pretty smooth process, filling up the form, and I got the confirmation in less than an hour. Pro tip if you plan on dining in this restaurant.

Note that the buffet deal does not include drinks, so drinks is extra charge. We ordered this jasmine tea for 2 pax and cost us RM 5.90 for 1 pax so in total we paid RM 11.80 for the drink.

Har Gow. Was pretty dissapointed when it arrives in our table not pipping hot and we took a bite the skin was pretty hard, but the filling was ok with 3 prawns with decent sizes.

Fish paste with layered vegetables. I like all kind of fish paste so I ordered this, taste OK like the kind of fish paste you’d found at yong tau foo like that.

Fried har gor with salad sauce. Wondering where the sauce at? You have to help yourself at the self-service sauce counter haha. I was wondering where the hell is the salad sauce turned out you have to take it by yourself.

Deep fried beancurd with prawn filling. Pretty nice with decent crunchiness.

Duck wings with with soy sauce. Did not touch this because I always feel turns off with duck. K finished this all.

Charcoal bun with salted egg yolk filling. Quite OK but can’t really compare with Jin Xuan’s one ahahaha. The salted egg yolk filling oozing out when you take a bite, but it is clumped so bit dissappointing.

Dumpling with superior chicken broth. Both me and bf agreed that the broth was too sweet and too much MSG and overbearing. We felt very thirsty afterwards zz.

Must order everytime I visit dimsum restaurant. Fried yam puff with chicken and blackpepper sauce. I don’t really like yam in particular, but this I don’t mind eating at all. In fact, I love it!!

Lor Ma Kai with mushroom and chicken.

Crispy dragon beard.

Xiao Long Bao. Weee I’m by no means a Xiao long bat connoisseur but it was pretty decent in my opinion la.

KW said the soup tastes like carbonara sauce lolol.

Deep fried squid ball with cheese.

Big feast muahahaha 😀

Overall, the meal was pretty satisfying. Some dishes were hit and miss but some are quite decent and because I bought an e-voucher, was value for money also. Note that this dimsum restaurant not serving pork and it is halal restaurant. They can take time to deliver the food though, I think we waited at least 20 mins for the first few dishes, and after the crowd lesser up a bit, only the foods come out a little bit faster. Overall rating 3.5/5.0 hehehe.

China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre

Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone number: + 603 2089 3788

Just type in your GPS/Waze:  Sime Darby Convention Centre to get to this restaurant.

May 16 2017

Worst Day Ever!!

Zzzzzz today should be nominated as worst day ever in my life!! I had to blog about it as a record so here I am lol. Okay, my ritual before go to sleep was scrolling endlessly on fb/instagram, then I saw 1 FB post being shared on Taylor’s University Confession page

I was like, oh since it is very near to where I live, I’m just gonna drop by, find the litter of puppies, and buy some foods from 7-11 and feed them. I could not find the litter by the way, but instead I found bunch of stray dogs loitering around Taylor’s carpark. Like around, 7-8 of them?? So I played around with them a bit, when I said playing around, that means I have to play hide and seek because those stray dogs aren’t that friendly with human. Then I fucking dropped my phone without I realise from my loose Reebok’s pocket. Zzzzzzz. I was panicked, borrowed guard on duty’s flashlight on his phone, and searched the entire carpark! By searching, I mean beating around the bushes at 3 clock in the midnight, searching for every corner at very big carpark to find 1 phone, and it was so dark the flashlight was almost no use at all. I was almost convinced that the phone dropped to the small pond around that area and about to cry, when I saw a shadowy of my phone under a car. That was the second time I almost cried in tears of joy, the first one when I graduated high school zzz.

Moral of the story, do not try to be a hero when actually you suck at being one (don’t take my advice seriously, I tend to write nonsense on blog!) and for the love of God, next time I’m gonna put a bright neon coloured phone case!